Homework for 10/15

7th: write conclusions for today’s lab

8A: update the worksheet, using your new definition,  where you circled the pictures about technology

8B: work on Phase 2 of science fair

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Homework for 10/14

7th: Complete the first page of the lab report and design a lab for the question: Does air have mass?

8A: complete a sketch and detailed labeling of a toothpaste tube

8B: complete the sketch and labeling of the item you were given in class

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Homework for 5/1

7th: study for quiz

8th: response sheet

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Homework for 4/23

7th: Complete Iditarod worksheet that was started in class

8th: Read pages 23-27, answer questions on page 27

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Homework for Spring Break

ALL STUDENTS: Students in the middle school will be competing to find the “Most Interesting” science news story over the break. They will need to browse science news articles/stories until they find one that is most interesting and then write a 5 sentence summary of the article and cite their source (title, author, date, periodical title, etc.).

Students were given a list of options to choose from if they do not have ideas for where to start:
-New York Times Science Section: http://www.nytimes.com
-NPR Science Section: http://www.npr.org
-They can browse through the newspaper
-They can listen to “Science Fridays” on the radio (91.5 FM at 1pm on Fridays)
-They can visit the Library and browse through the periodicals to find a story

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Homework for 4/9

7th: find average speed for walkers/runners from today’s lab, make speed graph for data

8th: list ideas for demonstrating the heating/cooling of air

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Homework for 4/7

7th: Study for quiz, practice problems were sent home as optional homework

8th: read pages 16-22, answer questions on page 22


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